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Friday, March 18, 2005

Apalachee River to Causeway 2005 XII

Friday, March 18, 2005 brint.adams@us.army.mil

With Friday fever on "just another day in paradise", I took off work a little early and headed to the bay. I arrived at Riverdocs parking lot at 3:30 PM with a temperature of 62 degrees and a light southwest breeze. I was so anxious to get out, I forgot my watch, so was unable to time the workout.

I headed east towards the restaurants with a following breeze, but into a still rising tide. By counting strokes, I knew it was tougher going out than coming back west, as I passed the lot and on towards the Causeway. There was a big wreck on the Interstate westbound, which had traffic backed up for miles. This rerouted alot of traffic to the Causeway, so I had a larger than normal audience as I passed close by the highway. Further ahead, I could see the traffic at a standstill and as I approached, could see drivers looking out at me passing them by.

After a stop at the turnaround, I headed back and saw some of the same trucks in about the same places as when I first came by. I still paddled hard the whole way, even without the stopwatch, and estimated my overall paddle time at about 53:00.


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