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Monday, May 29, 2006

Apalachee River to Tensaw River 2006 XXXII

Monday, May 29, 2006 brint.adams@us.army.mil

We had a great, albeit short, vacation hiking up in the Smokies over the weekend following a day of officiating the NCAA Mideast Regional Track and Field meet in Knoxville. Then it was back to Spanish Fort and another rare chance to get out on the water.

This morning was another very nice day for paddling. I got out a little late at 8:00 AM, so the sun was already rapidly rising and heating up. There was just a slight breeze which barely rippled the water, while the skies were clear with a temperature of 78 degrees. The water level was fairly low and rising.

I greeted a gator who was protecting the little cove where I put in at Riverdocs. He yawned and ducked underwater as I passed him on my way down Pass Picada. The leg down to the Apalachee was 8:42, slower since the tide was rising faster than last week. On the return, I rode the tide back, with mile splits of 8:17, 8:51 and 11:40 after crossing under the Interstate bridges where the tide reverses.

With the sun heating up, I passed three fishing boats who were hanging out in the shade under the bridges. They just shook their heads as I passed them by out in the sun. On the return, I hit 8:33, 11:15 and a total of 59:50. Alas, it will be another two weeks before I get the opportunity to enjoy paddling the bay and delta once again.


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